Rental Information

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7am – 3:30pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed



We accept cash or the following credit cards:



We require a valid Maryland driver’s license; if your license is from out of state, a major credit card is required as a second form of identification. Customers who do not live in our general rental area will also be asked to leave a security deposit. This deposit amount will vary depending on the item being rented.



Deposits vary depending on the rental item; some require cleaning deposits, some fuel deposits, etc. There may also be an additional deposit for rentals out of the service area. Check with us for deposit details.


Damage Waiver Plan

Every rental contract has an additional 10% Damage Waiver charge added to protect you against accidental damage to rented equipment. This is optional and can be declined at time of rental; if declined you might be required to leave an additional deposit to cover any unexpected damages.


Standard Rental Rates

All standard rental rates are based on eight hours of use per day, 40 hours of use per week or 160 hours of use per four week period. Additional usage will be charged accordingly based on the metered rental equipment. Check with us for more details.

Minimum Rate Varies from 4 hours to 4 weeks depending on equipment.
Day Rate 24 consecutive hours
Week Rate 7 consecutive hours after 5 days
4 Week Rate 4 consecutive weeks


Overnight Rental Rates

Pick-up after 3:00 pm  and return after  8:00am.


Weekend Rental Rates

Pick-up on Friday after 3pm and return on Monday by 8am; one day rental charge.


Holiday Rates

We also offer special holiday rates that are posted on our website as the holiday approaches or call us for more information.



Some rental equipment runs on gasoline while others use diesel fuel.  It is important for the customer to be aware of the equipment’s fuel type at the time of rental.  Equipment requiring fuel will be full at the time of rental.  Smaller equipment is rented with a flat fuel charge and it is not required to be refueled before returning.  On larger rental equipment we require a fuel deposit and you will be charged for actual gallons used when equipment is returned  Since there is such a  wide range of fuel consumption on rental equipment, you will have to check each piece individually for the specific fuel deposit.



Delivery and pick-up is available with reasonable rates. Please call for a quote for your specific location.  Deliveries and pick-ups must be scheduled in advance; however, we will make every effort to accommodate deliveries with short notice.


Equipment Operation

If you ever have a question about the proper operation of any rental item, please don’t hesitate to call. Our rental staff will help resolve any of your questions and concerns over the phone.  Our rental equipment is maintained to the highest standards; however occasionally you may encounter difficulties even when proper procedures are followed.  In the rare case that a problem cannot be solved over the phone, we will do everything possible for you to complete your project.